Hello, my name is Turi and I'm a designer and architect born and raised in Melbourne, Australia who is currently based in Ankara, Turkey.

Here, you will mainly find my visual arts/graphic design related projects. I mostly create (not limited to) work for the music industry so these include album/track covers, music packaging, posters, flyers, visualisers, merchandise design, branding, logos and other deliverables. 

I'm not only passionate about visually presenting an idea but also designing and developing the idea itself. I'm also particularly concept driven with my creative direction and design approach. I believe that creative conceptualision of an idea is important to develop a unique narrative that will resonate with its target audience and serve its purpose in telling the intended story.

When viewing my work you will find various official projects I have worked on as well as concept and passion projects. 

If you're interested in booking me, collaborating or would like to ask a question feel free to reach out to me via the 'Contact' button below. We can also connect on social platforms I have listed below.

Turi, 2024.